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American National Detective System 1948 Advertisement

This advertisement came from the 1948 Oakland phone directory. American National Detective System. A Matchless 24-hr. Service. J.M. Lotta, Principal. Licensed and bonded. 19 years of success. Winning 95% of our cases is your guarantee. Formerly with U.S. Government. Expert shadowing, speedy & accurate results in domestic matters that stand in court. Personal histories and employees checked. Records & People traced throughout America. Guards and escorts furnished on all occasions. We are interested in child welfare that their home environment is what it should be. Hidden assets located. Recommended by clientele from coast to coast for honesty, efficiency, dependability and secrecy. In domestic cases we are pleased to help as a property rights and child custody. We have also restored many broken homes. Agent will gladly call if you wish. 522 Hobart (in San Francisco) next to Y.M.C.A. The best in recording conversations, handwriting detection and flash photos.

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